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Complete list of OpenSocial Launch Partners

November 3rd, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

Prior to OpenSocial’s launch, the most comprehensive list of OpenSocial launch partners was purely speculative. And, as it turns out, small.

Check out the complete list of Google’s OpenSocial launch partners!

amiando, Animoto, Appirio, Bebo, Bleacher Report, BonstioNet, Brad Anderson, Bunchball, Inc, BuyFast, Cardinal Blue Software, Chakpak, Chronus Corporation, come2play, CurrentTV, E-junkie,, eTwine Holdings, Inc., Fendoo Ltd, Flixster, FotoFlexer, Friendster, Grimmthething,, Hi5, Hungry Machine, Hyves, iFamily, Inc, iLike, Imeem,, KlickSports, Inc., LabPixies Ltd., LimitNone, LinkedIn, LjmSite, LoveMyGadgets, LuvGoogleGadgets, Mesa Dynamics, LLC, Mixi, MuseStorm Inc, MySpace, Netvibes, NewsGator, Ning, NY Times, Oberon Media, Oracle, Orkut, Outside.In, PayPal, Plaxo, PROTRADE, Puxa, Qloud, RockYou,, Shelfari, SideStep, Inc., Six Apart, Slide, Theikos, Tianji, TooStep, Viadeo, VirtualTourist, Votigo, Whizz, Widgetbox, Xing, Zytu Inc.,

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