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OpenSocial - Impact on developers

November 3rd, 2007 Posted in Uncategorized

“OpenSocial is great. The user benefit is a shorter cycle before they see cool new apps and ways to spend more time on social networks independent of the network they are on …The most powerful implication is for developers. They’ll have less worry about in terms of complexity and back end integration.

“How well this plays out remains to be seen. It will be a frenzy initially and then the platforms will fine tune the controls so as not to piss off users….that’s what could cause the APIs to change.”

Max Levchin
Founder and CEO of Slide

“Google’s OpenSocial is more flexible and lighter weight, with HTML and Javascript in the container …At the moment, the Google APIs have less data–it will be trickier to get viral growth since there is no prompt to push an application to other friends because it doesn’t know who your friends are who don’t have it.

“OpenSocial will be able to answer other questions, such as what kind of activities have been done on a platform or it may know about calendar events and be able to pass on that intelligence.”

Brian Kellner
Vice president of product management at NewsGator

“If you are on Orkut and you see a great [SocialOpen] widget that shows who are your closest friends, we could use the same widget and drop it on an opportunity page [on] and see the same presentation but instead of friends it would be people most active on this sales deal …The data is coming from salesforce, or whoever provides the container.

“A developer can define what a friend means–you could say who are all the friends related to this opportunity. The sales rep could see the opportunity and the strength of relationships among the influencers associated with the given opportunity,”

Adam Gross
Vice president of developer marketing at

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Open Social is Google's attempt to become the centre of social networking. The program's launch partners constitute top social networking application developers and 2nd tier social networking hosts.